AWS API Proxy with AWS Lambda Function

AWS API Proxy with AWS Lambda Function

AWS API Gateway service allows us to create, manage, and publish REST API in a secure way. Consider it as a REST endpoint. AWS API Gateway is a fully managed service that is maintained by AWS.

AWS API Gateway endpoints required for Examination Software and Exam Management

Lambda is a serverless service often known as a FAAS (Function As A Service).

When we have API Gateway Endpoint plus AWS Lambda Function, we can replace services with simply serverless technology fully managed by the AWS. One of the important features of the Cloud Native Architecture.

AWS API Gateway is inherently scalable and AWS Lambda is cloud-native and scalability is managed by AWS.

AWS Lambda integrates well with the AWS API Gateway.

Now if you go through the AWS console there are two integration points:

a) AWS API Gateway (Lambda Integration)

b) AWS API Proxy Gateway (Lambda Proxy Integration)

API Proxy gateway is used for Question Bank Database and Assessment Software.

Most developers use JSON for marshaling objects from the client to the server and vice versa.

a) With the AWS API Gateway request and response along with the status code is performed is done by the API Gateway. Here API Gateway has full control over it and request and response can be altered.

b) With the API Gateway Proxy, Lambda receives the whole message and request and response along with status code done by the Lambda.

I have used API Gateway proxy to transform JSON into POJOS and POJOS into JSON. It allows from the internet including Postman to traverse through API. All the transformation is done within the Lambda function.

What we have learned that in order to marshal JSON data from the API Gateway into an HTTP Request Object in your Lambda function, you must create a Web API with Lambda Proxy.

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